resim 1217
resim 1217

From prehistory to the contemporary world… What memories do you have of your history lessons in your schooling? From primary school to high school, this subject is essential to know the story of our ancestors and understand the challenges of the future. But today, there is no question of (re)taking the baccalaureate exam!

For this new quiz, we invite you to test your general knowledge in a fun way with the major dates and figures in the history of France. Among our readers, some like to delve into the past of our Gallic ancestors. Others prefer to list the Kings of France (rather than count the sheep) to find sleep? Or philosophize like the Enlightenment.

On a daily basis, all means are good for reviewing the greatest historical events: watching a documentary like Secrets d’Histoire with St├ęphane Bern or Sous les petticoats de l’Histoire by Christine Bravo, with family or friends during a game of Trivial Pursuit, or testing your general knowledge in the skin of a champion of the 12 noon shots (like Paul El Kharrat) or Everyone wants to take your place (like Marie-Christine).

Think you’re as knowledgeable as a game show contestant when asked about the history of France? The Middle Ages and modern times hold no secrets for you? Planet invites you to measure your knowledge by answering ten questions.

It’s your turn to locate the right date (the right place) or give the duration of each historical event. Can you classify them to the exact period? Take the test below in our slideshow.