Freezer: the trick of the water bottle to save electricity


There are no small savings. Faced with an ever higher energy bill, every tip is good to take to relieve your wallet. Reducing your consumption of water, gas or electricity first and foremost involves making better use of your household appliances… These everyday tools are certainly useful, but often very energy-intensive. According to Engie, you can guess the consumption of each device thanks to three pieces of information:

Now all you have to do is perform the following calculation: Power in Watts divided by 1000 x number of hours of use x number of days of use.

In a previous article, Planet already gave you some tips for saving money with your washing machine. But the kitchen is also a very big item of energy expenditure, which is why a number of good practices should be followed:

Did you know ? The more your freezer is full, the less it consumes. In the book Saving water and energy at home: a practical guide to simple and profitable solutions (Edisud), Jean-Paul Blugeon explains: “Due to the high thermal inertia of the contents, the thermostat trips less often the compressor.

However, the latter consumes much more at the start of each on/off cycle”. Quoted by Current Woman, this work therefore recommends filling the freezer with water bottles or ice cube trays to consume less energy.