Mikaël Kingsbury concluded the Bakuriani World Cup duels with a gold medal around his neck. It was in the Georgian theater where he was crowned double world champion last year that the king of moguls added an eighth medal to his season on Saturday, marking the 84th victory of his career in the World Cup.

“I probably had my best run of the weekend in terms of my technique, which was impeccable. I watched the video earlier and it’s the best skiing I’ve done in my life,” Kingsbury said.

The long-awaited grand final pitted him against the Japanese Ikuma Horishima after victories against the Japanese Yutaro Murata, the Australian Cooper Woods and the Swede Filip Gravenfors.

“In the final, I knew it was going to go fast. We made the fastest descents. Both made small mistakes in the middle, but I had a better landing at the bottom. He went for time and we shared a few points here and there, but I’m really happy that it was on my side,” underlined the Quebec worker, referring to his duel against Horishima.

In this last event which concluded his stay in Georgia, the worker from Deux-Montagnes won the duel with a score of 20-15 over the Japanese who had won the gold medal in singles the day before. Kingsbury earned bronze.

American Nick Page, silver medalist on Friday, completed the podium after getting the better of Filip Gravenfors.

“I am really satisfied to have achieved my 84th World Cup victory and my 122nd podium,” added the man who now has as many starts as one of his first teammates, Pierre-Alexandre Rousseau, with 142 Cup appearances. of the world.

At the end of his next appearance, Kingsbury will therefore become the Canadian skier with the most starts on the circuit, in mogul skiing.

He was not the only competitor to represent La Belle Province on Saturday on the track in Bakouriani.

His teammates, Julien Viel (9th), Gabriel Dufresne (11th) and Elliot Vaillancourt (13th) were stopped in the round of 16, while Louis-David Chalifoux placed 17th.

Canadian workers are now entitled to a well-deserved rest for the holiday season. They will return to action at home on January 19-20 at the Val Saint-Côme World Cup.