The Devil’s Bath: A Terrifying 18th Century Horror Film from Austria

Austria – 18th century. Forests surround villages. Killing a baby gets a woman sentenced to death. Agnes (Anja Plaschg) readies for married life with her beloved. But her mind and heart grow heavy. A gloomy path alone, evil thoughts arising… As Agnes prepares for her wedding, sinister forces stir, plunging her into darkness and despair. The Devil’s Bath is co-directed by Austrian genre filmmakers Severin Fiala & Veronika Franz, known for horror hits like Goodnight Mommy and The Lodge.

The film premiered at the 2024 Berlin Film Festival and has garnered mostly positive reviews. While some critics found it “punishingly grim” with pacing issues, others praised it as a gripping psychological study. Starring Anja Plaschg, Maria Hofst√§tter, and David Scheid, The Devil’s Bath takes viewers on a chilling journey back to a time of superstition and darkness.

Shudder will debut Fiala & Franz’s The Devil’s Bath in select US theaters on June 21st, 2024, followed by streaming on Shudder starting June 28th. Don’t miss this haunting tale of horror and despair set in the heart of 18th century Austria.