Martin Wentz is well-versed a man of many talents: As a politician, and a project developer, a professional who, by experience and inclination in architecture and culture. The debate on the future of the stage in Frankfurt brings all of these strings in the former planning Department head at the Sound. You can feel since the beginning of the discussion in front of one and a half years, almost physically, that it hurts, like despondent of the magistrate of the century a chance to deal.

Wentz has now developed with a group of ten personalities from Frankfurt is a Foundation model for the new building of the Opera house. The Memorandum of the founder-Eleven demonstrates in each row of the planning and Foundation of legal expertise, political experience and diplomatic wisdom of the authors. It is formulated so carefully that not even the impression, here are the urban decision-makers should be determined by better gastric know private people foreign. It is meant as a friendly offer.

The initiators in a proud Tradition, in Frankfurt from the late 18th century. until the early 20th century. Century their bloom experienced: Almost all of the major institutions (from the Städel to University) and buildings (from the Zoo to the festival hall) was launched by committed citizens and is mainly co-financed. Not only to admire the commitment of volunteers, but also of the courage of today’s potential donors. You won’t go far, if you feel comfortable with, € 50 million in donations. Alone, that such a man as the entrepreneur Claus Wisser is, makes the bold announcement as a realistic appear.