There is a brisk business on this Sunny cold Sunday morning in front of the coffers of the zoo. “Now, we have managed it”, reassured a mother your whiny three-year-old, while the father buys the tickets. How this family from the Taunus, many came from surrounding areas to the Frankfurt zoo. Along the wall to the eleven-hectare Area, the external indicator to fall to: WI, HG, DA, DI, MTK, GG, FB, AB, GI, and MYK suggest that some visitors have taken a further arrival, with children or grandchildren of lions, bears, and apes.

Patricia Andreae

editor in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

F. A. Z.

“We have to get the last Parking space,” says a father who pushes a baby carriage, joyfully. A Couple with two small children, in the old monkey house at a table a little break, arrived from Darmstadt by train. “This is very straightforward,” says the mother. The accessibility with public transport is crucial, “the would have to offer a new Zoo”.

a Chance for more animal welfare

Those among the visitors who come from the South of the Region, however, mean that a new Zoo should not be in the North of the city settled, so that he would be better for them and the Opel-Zoo is no competition make. A woman from the Taunus holds, however, the Opel-Zoo is so great and in such demand that he could keep up even without any public subsidies; the need to fear no competition. “As much as because in the summer is going on, could use the Region of a second Zoo in the Taunus hills,” says the bathroom Homburgerin. Especially since there is also a combined year card.

in addition to the good accessibility of a new zoo that could arise under the proposal of regional Association Director Thomas Horn (CDU), between the highway 5 and Steinbach on the Frankfurt district, visitors see primarily as an opportunity for more animal welfare. “If the animals would have more outlet, I’d be good,” says a mother of two-year-old twins, which strengthens with her husband in a Portion of Fries on the terrace of the society building. “We were just at the giraffes, that is terrible, how little space the have.” Like a Couple at the neighboring table, to give in Frankfurt on a few species and to give the other more room. “It does not have giraffes of any Zoo, and elephants.”