Frankfurt Police Scandal?: Lawyer raises accusations against the police


    In the case of the alleged right of the network within the Frankfurt police, are accused of the authority to further failures. As reported, a Drohschreiben against the Frankfurt lawyer Seda Basay-Yildiz the reason for this is that investigators are only on the network of your colleagues carefully. Now the criminal defense lawyer has practiced massive criticism of the police. In an interview with this newspaper she said she had only learned that the track in the police myself, “after the case has been reported in the press. I would have wished that the police had previously informed me about it.“ Seda Baday-Yildiz had since August, when the threatening letter is received by Fax, according to their own words on several occasions when the police asked whether there were any new findings. The police gave her, but no information. It was gone, she says, is also about to get an assessment of whether protection measures for your family. As reported, had addressed the threat explicitly against their daughter. It has threatened to kill you.

    it is Unclear, whether it is through this network of five policemen even more Suspicious. Becoming more and more the focus is on a official of 1, shifted. Station, which should have been exchanged with the four other members on a closed group Chat text, images, and symbols with partly right-wing extremist content. Months ago, this officer has, according to current knowledge, the name of the lawyer through the internal police system to run, without that it has given an occasion. This Detail is so important because it could explain where the author or authors of the Drohbriefes in the Write address, which was secret and only officially retrieved could be mentioned privately known.