Frankfurt police scandal: Frustration nourishes prejudices in the police


    police officers carry, according to the assessment of social psychologists at a higher risk to develop prejudices. “The danger is increased as a result of negative professional experiences,” said Marburger social psychologist Prof. Ulrich Wagner on Tuesday, the German press Agency and proposes measures to deal with the.

    Actually, the research showed that people had a lot of contact with foreigners, less prejudice – the encounters are mostly positive. The experiences are predominantly negative, would not prejudice, but rather strengthened. “You have to be aware that police officers in dealing with people with a migrant background very often in uncomfortable situations,” said Wagner. “It needs a certain degree of democratic stability, to oppose something.”

    this “statistical significance frequent” negative encounters two further factors which reinforce the effect of Wagner, “In Professions with large loads, there is a great sense of togetherness”, the result is that it is silent to inappropriate Remarks or Attacks “tend to tell on as a colleague”. Another reason is a certain frustration factor” due to the many hours of Overtime, high stress, and the feeling was “to be able to do little.

    police need recognition

    in Order to prevent a Drift to the right, Wagner’s proposals: “Important, it seems to me that the police needs to get more recognition,” said the social psychologist. “The second is like it: You must find the mechanisms, the negative effects of professional unity – the corps spirit.” This could be, for example, a person of trust, to turn to in an open confrontation.