now, in A major positive the Frank Vercauteren in front of the camera after the 3-3 at home against AA Gent. The Anderlecht-coach, and saw a lot of good things from his young team, but it was also at the match was to be on his guard.

the Battered Anderlecht) gives you a certain victory against AA Gent, in the 94th minute and still be out of your hands.

“not Even when the Roofe of the 3-1 made it, and I gave it to my boys that the game was not over yet. You know the qualities of a Gent, they have to play the long balls, and guys with lots of body. We did what we had to do it, but it lacked a certain amount of luck in the end.”

“Mazzu-time, extra-time, you can call it what you want… and The added time is critical, and that is the game of football. After the score of 3 to 2 and felt the Gent wants to push through. Though I did see the progress of my team on a variety of surfaces. The final result is two late goals have been a disappointment. I’m happy, and I can see each week’s progress.”

Photos: BELGA < / p> Thorup: “a lot of respect for Anderlecht,”

It is currently the coach of the opposing team to be applauded. Francky Dury was doing it with Club Brugge. Ghent-coach, Jess Thorup, praises Anderlecht after the 3-3. “I would like to have my colleague, Frank Vercauteren would like to congratulate. Anderlecht are a team full of young players and we put them under a lot of pressure is put. In the future, this will be a great team. It’s true.”

The Danish coach of the Gent, however, was relieved by the late 3-3. “I thought our first half was very good, but we were killersinstinct. I told the boys. If you want to score you have to shoot it. Now that we did, sometimes, dribbling. How can you be on the side of the opponent, and is often the case in the box without a threat? In the second half, and we fell 20 minutes back and lost the grip on the game. That is a penalty of Dejaegere on the Sambi-Lokonga, I found it from my point of view, however, has no kick, but you can also have the chance to not have to give so much to run. However, after the 3-1 we fought back. Over this last quarter, I was very, very happy, and when you are two goals behind with 10 minutes to play, then you have to be happy with a draw.”

Photos: THERE is More about RSC Anderlecht ANALYSIS. Stress and a lack of experience, a neck and Anderlecht are OUR STRENGTHS. Especially the players from Anderlecht, just a couple of gebuisden for AA Gent Tattered Anderlecht) gives you a certain victory against AA Gent, in the 94th minute off the hands of Hein Vanhaezebrouck agree blessuregolf on Anderlecht: “It was a new, expensive players who are not medically tested, and it was allowed”