Francky Vincent’s saucy pen distinguished by culture. If some people think it’s a joke, it’s the reality. Last October, the French singer from Guadeloupe was named Knight of Arts and Letters, for his work contributing to the “radiation of arts and letters in France and in the world”.

“I am very honored by this medal”, says the sixty-year-old artist proudly in an interview in Le Parisien, published on Christmas Day. “I’m going to wear it all the time. I started making a song out of it… I’ve always had a lot of self-mockery.” If this prestigious gift already gives him inspiration, this distinction has greatly reacted in public opinion.

Known for his daring lyrics and melodies with gravelly connotations, many French people have in mind one of his many hits: Fruit de la Passion, Le Tombeur or A la folie… His guilty songs have marked the minds of the French. When he is not singing with enthusiasm Alice it slips, the singer who began his career in the mid-1975s (before finding success in the 1990s), was also inspired by his many love stories.

After two marriages and the birth of four boys (born of three different mothers), Francky Vincent now shares his life with Aziza El Batri, a 44-year-old Franco-Moroccan businesswoman. In a relationship with the artist for five years, the 40-year-old owns two luxury real estate and event agencies. Questioned by our colleagues, the third wife of the star (since 2019) returned to their meeting “during an event that I organized in Paris” during which the former candidate of La Ferme Celebrities in South Africa performed. South (2010).

“It was not a crush, I was in the middle of a divorce, I did not have the head for that. And then, you will laugh, but I did not know him. In my parties, we put on the American music, not Francky Vincent!”, admits his wife Aziza, 21 years his junior. “The age difference was initially prohibitive”, admits the friend of the chef Babette de Rozières.

The forty-year-old does not hesitate to tell how the famous singer (Franck Joseph Vincent, his real name) did everything to seduce her for six months. “The first evening, he made me a two-ball flirting tactic, taking a picture of us and wanting to send it to me. I gave him my professional number”, she explained, not without being informed in her seductive side with the fairer sex. “He invited me to lunch several times, I said no, he really insisted…”, before being seduced by his personality.

Happier than ever, Francky Vincent followed his wife Aziza to Picardy where they acquired a beautiful 20th century bourgeois house in Sinceny a year and a half ago. The opportunity for the couple to share their daily life at the estate and their intimate on social networks. Focus in images in the slideshow below.