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—What is freedom?

—Decide with responsibility.

—are You a catholic. God is freedom.

—I Believe in the man and in his transcendence. God is real.

—How is it real?

—it Is in the moral code that my parents taught me and I teach my children and which are of daily application. To love our neighbor.

—what is In the policy you can truly love our neighbor?

—of course. We work for the citizen, not the political front.

—Create a lot in the family. Does the policy have given him time?

—there is Always time for what you love. For God, for children, for the job. For what is important. Be wary if someone tells you that you don’t have time. I do not care enough.

—what The Church is in decline?

—There are more priests and nuns in the world that never in the history of the Catholic Church.

—But not in Europe.

—Hey, is that God is not served by districts. Expands through all the Earth.

—The decline of Europe.

—it Is a lie. There is not a single paradigm in the world that you do not have to do with Europe. The chinese dress like the europeans. America pray as he prayed in Europe, the urban model of the african countries is the european. The time is set at Greenwich mean time.

—And even the gastronomy.

—Note: the european cuisine is never considered to be exotic in any country and in contrast to those of the other countries we call them exotic in Europe.

—Speaking of exoticism. The costumes. He has been acquitted. Don’t you think that The Country would have to apologize to her for all those front covers dedicated to it?

—enough for me not to buy it. They would have to apologize to their readers, for not having told the truth.

—The normal thing would be for you to come back.

—If my party me offers, I’ll be back.

—The three obsessions of the left.

—The unity of Spain, the Education and the Church. Zapatero pulled the three little brooks to embroider the coexistence between those who think different.

—He was the broth of cultivation of the end of bipartisanship. And of prosperity.

—Sanchez –that’s not the PSOE, which is very different– and We are their heirs. Spain may have no solution until the voters of the left are all in the PSOE and the PP to be the common house of the right centre.

—The motion of Vox.

—Paul Married is the only one who can be president. Any other option is unfeasible. Anyway, let me tell you that the only populist radical that exists in Spain is the of Can. Does not fit in the Constitution or in the western democracies. Vox yes it fits. But it is essential to return to the bipartisanship.

—With how well we were going.

—Until Zapatero won a Bonus with the votes of Alfonso Guerra. Bono had a political career. He had been president of Castilla-La Mancha. Zapatero was nothing. Since then, the great effort which we had made in the Transition began to fray.

—The PSOE of Felipe was serious. And quite right-wing, by the way.

—Is that politics as usual is the right wing, the other is always a mess.

—Four communities in Spain that provide more than 50% of votes .

—Catalonia is for the time being lost, Andalusia is the breadbasket of votes of the PSOE and Madrid and Valencia are the breadbasket of the PP. When the PSC in Catalonia and the PSOE in Andalusia are hegemonic, the socialists have an absolute majority. When the PP is hegemonic in Madrid and Valencia, the absolute majority of us.

—Are beans counted.

—Spain always vote the same. Wins the one that has less abstention and less fragmentation.

—Strategy left.

—Was to destroy the image of the PP in Valencia and Madrid, not so much to govern in these communities, also, as to avoid the absolute majority. Every time the socialists have a problem, they invent a corruption case in Madrid or Valencia, and then never ask for forgiveness when the causes are archived.

—Citizens will disappear.

—And the future of Vox depends on the PP.

—to what extent?

—In which president Married define a project of vocation majority and note that we can return to govern. We join all those who were our voters.

—What is waiting for us.

—A lack of ability to govern, there will be the ideological project, as when Zapatero unexpectedly won and based his government in five areas: negotiating with Eta, the Statute of Catalonia, the abortion, the alliance of the civilizations and the historical memory.

—His heir, we Can.

—Even Sanchez, who is not the PSOE, you are going to manage with guidelines imposed by Europe, the money that we have left, and that’s fine; and to change will allow Churches to develop their ideological agenda, similar to the zapaterismo: cornering the monarchy, coming to terms with the independence, destroy the constitutional system, and our alliances of shared interests with the western democracies and the united States. As the Shoemaker said, our references will be Venezuela, China and Turkey.

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