In addition to attacking bank accounts and personal training accounts (CPF), telephone scammers are also looking to obtain your FranceConnect credentials. The online service, which provides access to various public services (taxes, Caf, Ameli, etc.), is once again at the heart of a scam, as MacGeneration relates from testimonials filed on the Signal-Arnaques community platform. and personal experience. The site had already been the subject of an online scam in 2021.

This time the scammers call their victims directly by phone. Several stories thus report a person calling 09 85 40 40 44 and pretending to be an official of the Ministry of Health or an employee of the ANSM (the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products ). At the end of the line, the individual claims to be calling about a Covid vaccine questionnaire or Covid compensation.

As is regularly the case in this type of process, the scammer then tries to gain the confidence of his interlocutor. Here, victims explained that the person on the phone knew their first and last name, their address and part of their Social Security number, which is easy to guess from the person’s date and place of birth.

On this basis, the scammer then asks the victim to give him the missing part of his Carte Vitale number, as well as a temporary Ameli confidential code received by email, all for an alleged account security. In reality, these elements allow the usurper to obtain full access to the Ameli account of the interlocutor, and, by resetting the email address and password, access to all the services to which one can identify via FranceConnect.

This scam is actually a variant of the CPF account scam. The crooks would indeed use this access to register the person for fake or fraudulent training. If you have been the victim of this scam, you must immediately change your FranceConnect password. As detailed on the Public Service website, it is then possible to send a form and then file a complaint.