In France, gave it back on Saturday in many places the protests of the “yellow vests”. There are fewer people went on the road as of the past week, as the radio news channel France info reported. In Paris, around 800 people demonstrated. In Strasbourg, around 100 people gathered, according to the regional channel France Bleu Alsace with the Europe bridge that leads to Germany. Security forces took seven people into custody, a police officer was injured.

disabilities there were, therefore, also in the extreme southwest of the country on the highway in the vicinity of the border with Spain, as France info reported. In the South of France, Perpignan is a 36-year-old motorist was killed on Friday evening is deadly. He was a burden dangers, the stand lock on a street of the “yellow West” car.

over The past weekend had protested about 66,000 people across the country. The government decided a few days ago a multi-billion dollar social package to mitigate the conflict. Since mid-November, the “yellow West protest” against the reform policy of the government in the capital city of Paris, there was repeated violence.