France D’Amour and Roxane Bruneau had crossed paths only once before The Voice. It was last summer at the Canada Day celebrations in Ottawa. The trend has passed, and this winter, they will be next to red armchairs in the popular TVA singing competition. “They sat us next to each other. I feel like I’m at school, when you’re with your boyfriend, and you just feel like being silly! », says Roxane Bruneau.

The feeling is mutual. It was “love at first sight”, insists France D’Amour.

The complicity between the two singers is not feigned. At least, it didn’t seem like it during our meeting at the MELS studios in Saint-Hubert, in December, after half a day of recordings.

It must be said that neither one nor the other is particularly diva. Apart from a “No!” » well-felt launched by Roxane Bruneau to the photographer who wanted to take a photo of her during our interview (“I look like a pile of shit when I sit,” she explains), the authors- composer-performers are disarmingly simple. Is this the reason why the new panel of coaches they are forming with Corneille and Mario Pelchat delights the production team so much? Maybe.

One thing is certain, as in the American adaptation, where Gwen Stefani, Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton and company often – but gently – take a walk, the Quebec coaches will frequently throw barbs at each other during this 10th season, promises the production. And because everything was made clear before starting filming, no ego would have been hurt.

The extracts shown to journalists seem to confirm the words of France D’Amour. In the first episode, we even hear Mario Pelchat say that he would like to “de-humanize” himself.

“We play with each other, we fool around… He gets involved in everything! », says Roxane Bruneau.

France D’Amour and Roxane Bruneau are not new to La Voix.

The first inherits the role of coach after replacing Marjo at short notice last winter, when the tireless rocker contracted COVID-19. And some may have forgotten it, but France D’Amour briefly supported Marc Dupré as a mentor in 2014. This position has since been abolished.

“[The mentors] didn’t have much impact,” observes the singer-songwriter. Marc and I spoke on the phone. I had made some song suggestions, comments… But Marc knew where he was going. I felt like I was sitting at the back of the bus, and when I said what, it never went all the way forward. »

Ironically, Roxane Bruneau would have liked to have had the help of a mentor during the duels stage this year. To be able to consult someone before eliminating a participant.

“I wouldn’t have said no,” she says. It’s still difficult, making a decision! »

The singer of In my way, Des p’tits bouts de toi and J’pas stressée was also part of the adventure in 2023. She assumed the functions of “fifth coach” and recruited candidates rejected at blind auditions for that they benefit from a second chance in a parallel adventure on the Internet. His first observation upon joining the main competition? “There’s more budget on TV! I have a real piton, a real chair! »

Her arrival within the official group of coaches is all the more significant since in 2013, Roxane Bruneau attended the recording of a program from the stands, far from the central action, while she was not never imagined pursuing a career in music.

“I’m really enjoying it,” says the new recruit. I always look forward to coming to the studios. I forget that we’re doing a TV show because it’s such a beautiful human experience, with real people, real emotions. I find it fascinating to be confronted with the prejudices I had as a viewer, when I thought everything was fixed. In the end, there aren’t any, view guys! »

Detail to note this year: the entire season is pre-recorded, among other things to save production costs. No more telephone voting to determine the winner live. The 101 in-studio viewers will choose their favorite.

Another new feature (which we’ve been waiting for for a long time, to be honest): the final will pit four candidates against each other, but no place is guaranteed. Due to a system of cross-matches, a coach could lose his two protégés in the semi-finals and arrive in the final round empty-handed, mentions director Jill Niquet-Joyal.

This possibility tormented France D’Amour during our visit. “If I have to bring my knitting to the final, I’ll find it handy! »

“But France, that’s what they [the producers of the show] want,” Roxane Bruneau intervenes. They want us to be stressed. They want us to feel a certain pressure. »

Mission accomplished.