Parents need not worry much over the quality of the schoolkeukens. Four out of the five get with “high distinction”, as evidenced by inspections of the federal food PRODUCTION.

In 2018, have been the auditors of the PRODUCTION langsgeweest from 1.338 to schools in order to examine whether or not the kitchen meets statutory requirements and the rules relating to risk management, hygiene and traceability are adhered to.

Thus, going to be the PRODUCTION including whether it is of food at the right temperature is kept, or the ‘use by’ date the food will not be exceeded and that the kitchen and equipment is sufficient to have just. The four schools, five have achieved a very good result, as it turns out. As for the other schools in the belgian food safety agency is asked to make the necessary changes to do so, in particular, the information on the allergens in the dishes as well as sandwiches are concerned.

“An incident, it can still be done, even when food safety is of high regard, no one here is immune to it,” says the food and drug administration has. “When an incident occurs, such as, for example, as a type of food poisoning caused, it is important that schools can quickly and adequately respond to and work with the PRODUCTION to be the source of the contamination, to identify of this event is to learn from it.

At the request of a municipality, a school board or regional authority, the training, the PRODUCTION in 2018, with all of 1.097 employees who have been trained to operate in the schoolkeukens. These courses are free of charge and specially designed for professionals in the field of food safety and hygiene, labelling and traceability, and practical support, according to the food and drug administration has, in a press release.