Spiere-Helkijn –

In the West-Flemish municipality of Spiere-Helkijn was Friday afternoon, a sixty-year old man from Sint-Denijs to be in an accident with an electric bike. When the man from one cycle to the Jacquetbosstraat dwarste, he was struck by a bus. He died at the scene.

The tragic accident happened shortly after 17 hours along the route Trimaarzate. The sixty-year old man from Sint-Denijs-it came with the bike out of the way from the Factory and rode in the direction of his home. At a certain moment in time, he had to be on the busy Jacquetbosstraat in Spiere-Helkijn ‘ drive away, and it was not good.

The man rode about the same time that there was a bus that was hit by a car. That couldn’t have been more timely to apply the brakes and scooped up the unfortunate man. All the help came too late, and he died at the scene.

On the bus and didn’t have any passengers. The public prosecutor’s office sent a verkeersdeskundige on-the-spot for the dramatic, an accident to investigate. The police came on and the speedometer on the bus read-out. The street was more than three hours, covered. The traffic and could not turn over.
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