went After in the Ruhr area, a man from xenophobia with his car multiple times in groups of people, continue the investigation of the backgrounds and circumstances of the fact. The 50-Year-old had been injured on his journey in the new year’s eve night in Bottrop at least five people. Also in Essen, he drove his car to several people there, no one was injured. The Lord mayor of the city, Thomas runners (CDU), said on Tuesday evening, shocked by the fact. “My thoughts are now with the Affected and their families. I wish you all a hopefully quick and full recovery,“ said skids, according to a communication from the city. He remains in close contact with his Bottrop counterpart Bernd Tischler.

NRW-Minister of the interior, Herbert Reul (CDU) said after the first interrogations of the detainees: “There was the clear intention of this man to kill foreigners.” The man steered the car in Bottrop and Essen-conscious in groups of people, which consisted primarily of foreigners. Among the injured Syrians and Afghans. Prosecutors and police spoke of a “targeted attack”.

According to “mirror”the information is supposed to have said of the 50-Year-old in his interrogation that many foreigners are a Problem for Germany, which he wanted to solve. Therefore, he is supposed to have according to the initial findings of the investigators of a schizophrenic illness. The man had to be hospitalized in the past at least once in a closed establishment, reported the news magazine. Previously, the investigators had indicated that they had a “first information about a mental illness of the driver”. The alleged perpetrators come from food and not be kicked to the police, so far, in appearance, it said.

a single perpetrator or conspirator in right-wing circles?

North Rhine-Westphalia’s Prime Minister Armin Laschet (CDU) appealed via Twitter to the citizens: “this is a new year’s resolution for 2019 is clearer than ever, that We stand together against right-wing violence. The fight against the hatred of other people, we will continue with all means of the rule of law is involved.“

called for The interior policy spokesperson of the Greens group in the Bundestag, Irene Mihalic, that the act “had decided to be elucidated”. “Although the driver seems to have a psychiatric history. But it must be clarified whether or not he was actually alone, or if there were, where appropriate, other persons Involved or witnesses,“ said Mihalic the editorial network in Germany. There is also the question of “whether the offender was in any way in extreme-right circles and his act is connected with it”.

The for the competent police headquarters in Münster asked in the evening via Twitter to spread images and Videos of the events on the Internet. All recordings should be uploaded instead, on a special Portal from the Federal criminal police office. In addition, witnesses were asked to call the Hotline 0800 3040303. The investigators keep the Tatablauf previously covered, this would be using witness statements reconstructed.

The worst were the consequences of the attacks in Bottrop, where the 50-Year-old was driving shortly after midnight in the Central Berlin square, in the crowd, welcomed with firecrackers and rockets in the new year. Four people were injured, including a child. A 46-Year-old was at times in danger of their lives. According to initial police information, the nationals were among the injured Syrian and Afghan state. One other injured, it was later in food. Two other Attempts of the man in Bottrop and eat passers-by to approach have failed. Here, the people were terror.