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The long search for a legendary galleon s. XVI may have come to an end after the divers were part of a huge helmet sticking out of the sand on the seabed where it sank off the Italian coast. Quickly realized that it was something special since wood rarely survives in the bottom of the sea unless it is buried by sediments.

The so-called “Santo Spirito and Santa Maria di Loreto” was beaten against the rocks 50 metres Portofino, during a storm in 1579 while he was transporting a load of guns, fabric, and supplies of naval construction from Genoa to the king bourbon of Naples.

This boat renaissance, that the underwater archaeologists will almost certainly identify with the famous galleon, as reported by “”, in reality it was discovered in February but only now has communicated with so that the experts provide their opinion if it is the biggest ship in the year 500, supposedly, one of the most impressive in the Mediterranean.

And is that in addition to offering information about the naval history of the region, the identification of this wreck has generated a lot of emocioón. As James Rogers recalls to Fox News, the divers have been searching the merchant ship Italian from the 1970s.

This mythical galleon was built according to a style popularized by Ragusa, a maritime republic, located in what is now Dubrovnik, Croatia, according to “Diver Net”. The superintendence Italian says divers expect to find ceramics, coins, navigation instruments, cannons and anchors