On Saturday August 6, 2022 a new team took part in the sometimes dreaded adventure of Fort Boyard. This time, it was for the benefit of the Handi’Chien association, which supports the education of assistance dogs for children and adults in fragile situations. A very good cause supported by the team made up of Damien Thévenot, Camille Cerf, Nicole Ferroni, Isabelle Vilari, Cindy Sander and Théo Curin.

The latter, a disabled athlete with four limbs amputated at the age of 6, was remarkable during the adventure. He particularly distinguished himself during the Grand Boyard Hotel event. This seemingly simple ordeal, moving suitcases from one end of the room to the other through a turnstile in order to place them in an elevator and press the button to retrieve the key, is actually quite complex to achieve.

A difficult test therefore for Théo Curin, who did not lack courage. Faced with the difficulty of the event, Damien Thévenot insisted on advising his young teammate before the start of the game: “Don’t rush, don’t fall”. Advice applied to the letter by the disabled athlete. Indeed, no difficulty for Théo Curin: he sent the suitcases from one end of the room to the other at an incredible speed. Then he just had to pick them up one by one.

Fort Boyard’s star animator, Olivier Minne, was the first to be impressed by this performance: “His method is really good”, he confided while watching the test. His teammates were also blown away by his “Too Loud!” performance. they shouted when the hero emerged victorious from the room. Just as impressed as during the participation of Terrence Telle, Internet users expressed themselves strongly on Twitter during his ordeal. After that of Perrine Laffont, a new performance that will remain in the archives of Fort Boyard!

Théo, but Théo!! He gives me chills every time, this go-getter, this winner, he devours every second of his life.

The dexterity of the guy, Theo, I’m impressed, I’m not able to do a tenth of what he does