Formula 1-start of season – “Ferrari lagging only behind”The new formula 1 season, but for Ferrari Fans, this is only partially a reason for joy. SRF-expert Marc Surer doesn’t believe in the title for the Scuderia.Etienne Sticher0 KommentareDie experts are predicting that Ferrari is not a good season.imago images/Action Plus

In less than three weeks, it is also going on in formula 1 again. In Spielberg, Austria, the first two races are held. But for Ferrari, the battle for the title is already over now. At least when it comes to Helmut Marko. “Ferrari is not, in our opinion, on the power to the front-runners,” says the Red Bull-official to “Sport1”. He expects the title race with a “battle between us and Mercedes”.

the SRF-expert and former driver Marc Surer. “During the Tests in Barcelona, it was clear to see that Mercedes and Red Bull set the pace”, he says to “Sport1”. Ferrari’m playing catch-up only. The test rides took place in mid-February. To the Forces of the environment have changed since then, nothing Essential, says Surer.

“Others are going faster than we”

it is likely to be difficult, also knew Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto, when he came to the Tests in front of the media. “Others are faster than we are,” he admitted openly. He does not assume that they could beat Mercedes in the cancellation of the first race in Melbourne, he said at the time. “The Tests were not satisfactory,” said Binotto.

The reason for Ferrari’s mixed performance in Barcelona Surer looks at the lack of Top Speed. Also, the vehicle concept of the new SF1000 with a slightly higher tail set according to the Surer weak. Ferrari have copied the Red Bull, with the you years the measure of all things had been. “But a car like this is hard to understand,” he says. To do this, you need a lot of experience and mileage, the “not a Ferrari”.

Ferrari itself identified prior to the Lockdown a different Problem: The gearbox causing vibration in the vehicle, which lead to further problems. Slight improvements to the engine and the aerodynamics should be already been carried out.

He is in his last season with Ferrari: Sebastina Vettel, four-time world champion.KEYSTONE/Alejandro Garcia

not only the new Boliden will prepare Fans of the Scuderia currently Provide. Already before the first race, the racing team announced that the contract of his more experienced pilots, Sebastian Vettel, will not be renewed. After the season, the separation is carried out. “He will certainly not say anything,” predicts Marko in an Interview with “RTL”. The separation would not be likely that Vettel will not have seen the technical Potential, which would help him to another world title, mutmasst it.

For Ferrari is sitting in 2021, in addition to Charles Leclerc new Carlos Sainz in the Cockpit. The Spaniard was Sixth in the last season, but with a big gap to Vettel in fifth place. Ferrari’s problems will not disappear in the next year, because of the Corona-crisis, also the car development comes to a standstill. Leclerc and Sainz have to compete 2021 also in the SF1000.

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