Martin Schulz, former SPD party leader and long-time President of the EU Parliament, for his party in the European election campaign. “I’m part of the Europe campaign in the coming year,” said Schulz, the Newspapers of the editorial network, Germany (Thursday editions). “There will be an official appearances in the election campaign, in which I am fighting for my party.” An office he did not strut, but, said Schulz.

Europe wait on the Federal Republic of Germany. “After the Brexit Germany must go as the Pro-European partners,” said Schulz. In the European elections, it is important that the values of tolerance, freedom and solidarity. “The values for which the SPD is – and this is a major opportunity.”

Concrete Schulz calls for an Internet tax for large digital companies such as Apple, Facebook, Google, and Amazon. The coalition in Berlin, have committed. “If you want to win back trust, you must do that.”

the Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) have submitted to the OECD concept. “If it is not there to enforce, then we need to try it at the European level and in case of emergency, together with France, to enforce,” said Schulz. At the end of a major project should not be allowed to fail “individual Objectors”.