The Belgian arbitration is under attack. Discussions, decisions, debates over the value on the Brit of David Elleray, the Frenchman Bertrand Layec there are, however, two of the ex-toprefs recruited to our arbitration to a higher-level need to push forward. Only, it doesn’t work, according to a former referee, Serge Gumienny (see photo), which is heavily out of it.

the “External consultants: yes. But they appear to be Belgium as well as a great source of extra income, a hobby,” he says. “I know from a good source that the Elleray for a salary of 300,000 euros gross and has Layec 200,000. Outrageous amount when you consider that the annual budget, the Pro League is concerned with the arbitration, 850.000 euros. And what do we get in return? Elleray, a mid-year audit, and it was that he was the boss as it was. He was awarded a doctorate himself. And yes, the physical the second one was perfect, but after a difficult match, a ref can sometimes wait a long time for a face-to-face feedback. Elleray will give 80% of his feedback via e-mail.”

In the scheidsrechterswereld there was no comment on the remarks of Gumienny.

Photos: BELGA