Due to lethal shots at a 17-year-old Black, a former police officer has been sentenced in Chicago to nearly seven years in prison. 81 months of imprisonment in a prison in the state of Illinois and then two years probation would be appropriate, said the judge, Vincent Gaughan on Friday. Three for conspiracy, misconduct and obstruction of justice accused colleagues have spoken on Thursday.

Jason Van Dyke had been spoken in October by a Grand jury for manslaughter, guilty. He was accused of murder and had pleaded not guilty. The death of Laquan McDonald had led to mass protests against police violence and racism in the third largest city in the United States.

Video fact released

Van Dyke had shot McDonald in October 2014. Only a year after the fact to a court statement released video footage showed that the white officers fired 16 Times at the young man who wanted to run away with a knife in Hand in front of him. Then, thousands of people in Chicago went out in November of 2015 on the road. After the protests, among other things, the police was dismissed chief of the city.