Former RCMP Officer’s Conviction for Sexual Interference Reinstated by Manitoba Appeal Court

A former RCMP officer in Manitoba has had his conviction for molesting a young girl nearly a decade ago reinstated by the Manitoba Court of Appeal. The court ruled that Robert Dowd must serve a year in jail for the sexual interference.

After two trials and two successful appeals, Robert Dowd’s conviction for assaulting a nine-year-old girl in 2014 has been reinstated. Dowd was accused of inappropriately touching the girl while he was off duty at a campground in Manitoba’s Interlake region. Despite his denial of any wrongdoing, the court relied on testimonies of the girl and other witnesses to convict him.

The trial judge raised concerns about Dowd’s actions, particularly his decision to leave the girl alone after showing her how to use the toilet in his RV. The judge found it illogical that Dowd, as a former RCMP officer and grandfather, would not ensure the girl’s safety on a cold, dark night.

Following the guilty verdict, a judge reviewing Dowd’s conviction initially overturned it, citing assumptions about Dowd’s expected behavior. However, the Court of Appeal disagreed, stating that the trial judge’s credibility findings were based on logical reasoning and common sense.

Dowd has the option to seek leave to appeal his case to the Supreme Court of Canada, but as of now, no such action has been taken.