” Ria Van Landeghem exert an action against Jacques Rogge, the former president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). At the Olympic Games in Seoul, korea, in 1988 – at that time Rogge, head of the delegation was the marathon runner was sent away after an allegation of a positive doping test. This is a mistake, as it turned out. “I’ll hold still for a clarification.” The thing is, at the beginning of next year covered.

The Olympics in Seoul 1988, just two days before the opening. Head of the delegation, Jacques Rogge, then Van Landeghem, who was at that time living in the US, to be a prophylactic to be tested in the olympic lab in South Korea. The result turns out to be positive, and for her to have started, and sends the Rye, for her to go home.

in Spite of the many irregularities during the proceedings is one month later, suspended for two years. However, Van Landeghem, her innocence and free-standing. That year, they will appeal his acquittal because of to correct procedural errors, and violations of the rights of the athlete. If refused, of Rye, for example, ask her to be present at the analysis of the B sample.

Never had an enlightenment.

now, However, is that acquittal is the beginning of a year-long search, as in the former sentence seems to indicate that the second assessment shall may be positive, it could have been. It was not too long ago, of Rye, according to Van Landeghem – statements that lead to a positive test will be referred, in spite of her acquittal.

After a few dopingdeskundigen a few years ago, to declare that, as Van Landeghem is never positive, ” he explained, the COIB will still want him to take it.

In February of 2018 and beyond-and challenges the understanding of new facts, the COIB to the court and ask them to include a liquidated damages of € 25,000. This past spring, they were in the first instance, is not the same. The court ruled that the the greater part of her claim is time-barred it is.

Van Landeghem leave it there for today, and are going to be in the profession. Up to this point, they took only the COIB in the novel, but it is now dawning on a new trial, also a Rye – former international olympic committee president, and at the time was head of the delegation personally to the court. “Rye has never been accountable for, or responded to my certified letter asking for clarification”, says Van Landeghem. “Apologies would be more appropriate.” The thing is at the beginning of next year.

More about Jacques Rogge, Jacques Rogge, will be in South Korea to cheer for a Team in Belgium’s Jacques Rogge, again, board member at AB InBev, what we seen Puertoricaan want it to Jacques Rogge following the IOC’s chief Enemy, Jacques Rogge, will receive a conditional prison sentence for doping