the Flemish formateur, and in the future, the Flemish prime minister Jan Jambon (N-VA) wants to be in the next few weeks, the pace of negotiations for a new Flemish government is to sharply increase.

the Goal is to have the toponderhandelaars of the Swedish party, N-VA, CD&V and Open VLD, from now on, every day, to come together and negotiate. It was in the last few weeks, not the case at all. Saturday, they were sitting around the table in order to work on energy, climate, and the local government, but, again, there were no significant nodes taken.

“It’s about time we speed up, because you have to keep talking. We know that this team will need to be done. We must then make choices,” says one diplomat.

Today, at 12 o’clock, the party is already together in the Errerahuis in Brussels, belgium.
More about the N-VA, was Frozen in a political situation, it seems to be dooien following guide to PS: “you Can have the tin for the N-VA,” Elio Di Rupo: “the CD&V and Open VLD have to decide whether or not the N-VA, participates in the federal government,” Raoul Hedebouw (LABOUR): “The N-VA, has been a hold-up at the office. It makes me furious,” He is not a premier, but you will have to negotiate