It is, some might argue, the most important moment of his entire career. At the end of a professional career (almost) as long as a lifetime, workers can finally liquidate the rights acquired through hard work and retire. However ! Behind this horizon to which many working people aspire, there is a sometimes complex administrative reality, which is based on a range of procedures that are sometimes difficult to undertake. The slightest mistake – which is actually quite common, as Planet recently explained – can be particularly expensive. In question ? A lack of knowledge of the rights, one might think from reading the recent file proposed by our teams.

Very often, the error concerns the number of quarters actually contributed, the amount of which then makes it possible to determine whether the insured is entitled (or not) to the full rate. In fact, it should be remembered, the number of quarters that it is necessary to display varies from one generation to another and can also differ depending on the reality of the career.

Fortunately, recalls Ouest-France, it is possible to correct your career statement, the document on which appears all the information useful for a good retirement, before the liquidation of rights. To make such a correction, it is necessary to connect to your personal space from the Pension Insurance site and to bring all the payslips corresponding to the periods contributed but not listed.

In the event of an error on the career statement, it is important to alert the Retirement Insurance before taking other steps relating to the cessation of activity. This involves sending pay slips to the pension fund concerned, directly online or by post for those who might find the operation simpler by post. It is also possible to go there, provided you have agreed on an appointment beforehand, from the official website of the organization or by telephone at 39 60.

Very often, future retirees do not have the required documents. In this specific case, it is however possible to provide an alternative. In the columns of Ouest-France, Retirement Insurance lists some of the most important: a work certificate, for example, or even the contact details of the company. With such data, the organization can begin research.

Once all this is done, all that remains is to wait for the regularization, which can be followed by email or telephone.

It sometimes happens, for lack of attention, to let an error pass and to liquidate one’s rights as if the situation presented no defect. Fortunately, it remains possible, after realizing the problem, to file a request for a pension review. The request, which must be sent to the pension fund concerned by mail, is supposed to include a certain number of specific elements, recalls the specialized site Tout sur mes Finances. Be sure to mention:

In the absence of a response, within two months, from the pension fund and after having previously contacted the Amicable Appeals Commission, it is possible to appeal to the Pension Insurance Mediator. After which, it will be necessary to rely on the Social Affairs Court.