An unappealing discovery. Monday August 15, 2022, a mother had the unpleasant surprise of finding foreign bodies in herb chipolatas, bought that same morning at the E.Leclerc brand in Fleury-les-Aubrais (Loiret).

“We heard the little one ask why the sausages were blue (…) My 10-year-old son ate some, because he didn’t notice anything. It was his little brother who noticed,” he says. -elle, quoted by the regional daily La République du Centre.

According to her, the small pieces of plastic look like the ends of a blue latex glove.

The mother says she warned the store around noon, before going there to get a refund around 2 p.m. “The products were still on the shelves despite my alert,” she says. At 4 p.m., when the regional daily inspects the aisles of the supermarket, the sausages had disappeared.

The management claims to have immediately withdrawn the products, apologizes to its customers and invites people “who bought these vacuum-packed sausages not manufactured by the brand between Saturday August 13 and Monday August 15, to bring the products back to the store. in order to get reimbursed.”

In addition, the brand’s quality manager contacted the supplier in question so that it could carry out checks, which could lead to a product recall on the specialized platform rappel.conso.gouv.