If the German forging in these days plans for the new year, then it goes again and again to this question: What to do in the face of rising Rents in the Metropolitan areas? Now quickly buy a property? Or the prices have reached their peak?

Julia Löhr

business correspondent in Berlin.

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The economic researchers by the employer near Institute of the German economy in Cologne, know it not exactly. But you on the premises in an as-yet-unpublished study with the assumption that the high Rents are causing many people to the brink of financial resilience. Rather, they come to the conclusion that in the past few years in two-thirds of the 401 counties in Germany, the Rent even more affordable – because wages have risen more than the new-letting rents. “In some large cities can afford to pay for a lot of people more living space,” says study author Michael Voigtländer. For two-thirds of the citizens had improved the situation.

The researchers assumed in their calculations of a full-time employee is Single, spends 26 percent of its net income for the rent (without heating and hot water) – this percentage corresponds to the average in Germany. In Frankfurt could afford to pay for these workers in 2013, around 55 square meters, by the end of 2017, it was, after all, a square (2 percent). Also in Düsseldorf, Cologne and Hamburg, it was for the same Salary, more living space, situated in Hamburg even 4.6 percent. Different in Munich: There are 6 percent less area than in 2013, with a quarter of the net earnings of just an apartment with 41 square meters for rent,. The Bavarian capital is the final light in Germany. Most of the area to get a tenant for 26 per cent of the average net earnings in Salzgitter: proud of 109 square meters.

real estate prices rose much faster than wages

apart from the Metropolitan area of Munich, so actually everything half as bad? There was then also says Voigtländer. Because The study, commissioned by the German house AG, with employees. “For students, self-employed and pensioners, the picture looks different.” Also, the study of workers without children. A sole breadwinner who needs an apartment for a family of four, it is also heavier.

This is even more true when it comes to Buy on the topic. Other than the Rent, the real estate prices have risen recently far more than wages, 63 percent of the counties, the purchase has become less affordable. It is estimated that people spend for the interest and the repayment of a real estate loan, also said 26 per cent of the net income that you can afford in Munich is just 29 square meters, nearly 7 percent less than in 2013. Even more affordable, area in Frankfurt (minus 12 per cent, fell to 44.6 square metres) and Berlin (minus 16.3 percent to 47.9 square meters). Especially a lot of space there are, however, in the structurally weak Pirmasens: 166 square meters.

“In Frankfurt, the signs continue to point to growth,”

And as it continues in the new year on the real estate market? The Economist Lars field, a member of the Council of experts, sees the matter this way: “I expect a further increase in Rents in Metropolitan areas, because the additional offering can’t always cover the additional demand.” With respect to the real estate prices, the Outlook falls harder for him. An important factor influencing the population development. “Munich had the least immigration of little more Net, so that the price development could flatten out,” says field. “In Frankfurt, there are signs of further growth.”