Forbidden area (M6): here is the family of the most stingy tourists according to Internet users


Live an incredible experience whatever the cost. This Sunday, November 27, Forbidden Zone broadcast an unpublished number devoted to the French who have chosen to realize “their dream of discovering America” ​​on M6. Between road-trip, surprise wedding and excess: all means are good to discover the United States.

“Since the reopening of the borders in November 2021 and the easing of health restrictions, the French have been flocking there again”, indicates the synopsis of the program hosted by Ophélie Meunier. Among the witnesses to this report, viewers followed the adventures of the Strauss family, led by mother Laetitia, a fan from the United States. With her husband and their two children, they chose to conquer the West.

For their 15-day stay in California, these Frenchmen had an overall budget of 4,000 euros, including flight. But, no way to splurge! During this Californian family road trip, Laetitia and her relatives will have to respect an envelope of 60 euros per day maximum. Not enough to curb the desires of escape of these kings of the good plan!

During the broadcast of the Forbidden Zone report, the Strauss family makes many outings at a lower cost and the mother of the family has the secret to finding the right tricks. Free cultural activities, low-cost meals, treasure hunts and wild nature walks: they enjoyed a trip like no other. But, some of the mom’s ideas were not unanimous with some viewers. Like their trip to the amusement park, without the children being able to test the rides.

On social networks, Internet users have shared their opinion on these tourists who prefer to tighten their belts, rather than enjoying their trip without counting the cost. “‘You see the carnival children and well you will not have the right to go on a merry-go-round because mum is a big stingy’. Well stay at home if you do not want to pay. Go so far and do nothing interesting, what’s the point?”, “I don’t see the point of vacations if you don’t want to spend a penny”, “What’s the point of going to the USA to tighten your belt? It’s like eating in a gourmet restaurant and looking at the prices is ridiculous, you might as well stay at home”, wrote some of them on Twitter.

Other viewers defended the mother’s good plans for their trip to California, tackling those who judge without knowing their financial situation. “You swing on Laëtitia but who tells you that she did not bleed herself to offer this trip to her children”, “Laetitia is an influencer, which explains the calculation of each travel and entertainment service”, they wrote on the social network. Despite this lively debate, the unpublished report of Zone interdict brought together nearly 2.2 million viewers in front of their television, according to Médiamétrie.