The League, the union for the country and patients, is complaining on Tuesday that the telecom costs for sms actions may not be discharged for good causes, as has been done in the action for the baby’s Future. “It’s going to be there for me, not that we have those costs, however, have to pay for it if we have to raise money for research,” said Evy Reviers, CHIEF of the League.

the parents of The baby’s Movements, have organized the previous month, an sms campaign for for 1.9 million euro, in order to collect their child will need for a life-saving drug. Operators then decided to take the telecom costs lost to abuse of the action, even though it was not the proper procedure to ask for it.

The League said on Tuesday that they have an action that an end has been put, of which 2 euro is donated to the sms to the short number 4334, to raise money to research A Cure for als, the scientific research AS the funding. The goal is to find a cure for the disease. But IF the League is complaining that they have to do this, but the telecom costs have to pay for it. “It is not the case that all of the money that the integral is being transmitted in full to a charitable cause, such as the carriers in the media claim to be”, says in a news release.

Telenet: “Like all good goals, give them a chance”

you can Telenet to respond to that, there is a procedure for good causes, for which an application may be submitted for a favorable telecomtarief in the text of the actions. These actions are, however, still subject to certain conditions. If the text is up to one euro, and the action is just one month’s time. “This is for all of the charities the chance to give up,” says spokeswoman Isabelle Geeraerts.

As an alternative, there is also a “commercial action” as possible. A contract can be used to specify the number of the rate that must be paid for. It is, indeed, a “commercial action” is that the League of necessity, had to restart, because the action is longer than one month.

for the League: “there Is in me, not in the us, costs have to be paid”:

“We have to understand that there is a cost of an sms campaign,” says Evy Reviers of the League. “Well, if it is for commercial purposes, it is not, which is to be charged. But it is for a good cause, that is different. It’s going to be there for me, not that we have those costs, however, have to pay for it if we have to raise money for research.” Reviers particular, even though it may deviate from the rules, if there is a social pressure.

“We do, indeed, post factum, decides to have the charges dropped in the text-the action of the baby’s Movements, but that was because of an exceptional nature,” said Fabrice Transports, the president of the Network. “We have a lot of different actions, and the costs are covered, but there are, however, subject to certain conditions.”

now, Proximus has emphasised that there is uncertainty as to the fact that the sms campaigns for a good cause such terms, conditions, covenants, and therefore are not always free of charge. “We’ve always provided in such a way,” said Transports, which, it is important to stress that the company is aware of its social responsibilities and regularly campaigns for the charity you are supporting.

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