On the Altar of a Bavarian Church, a unknown donor has left 160,000 euros for aid projects in Africa. A Church servant had found the money in the Church hall on the Danube last may. The diocese of Regensburg confirmed on Monday that the sum should come to the examination by the Archbishop’s financial chamber, a plurality of projects. The anonymous gift had become known during the weekend. “Something like that doesn’t happen often,” said diocese spokesman Clemens Neck on the amount of the cash donation. Several media reported.

According to a report in the “middle Bavarian newspaper” had discovered the Church of the servant in the preparation of the mass on Pentecost Sunday in 2018 Seem to be under the altar the cross on the envelope with a bunch of 500-Euro. “I’m afraid seen a lot of money, and I am,” said the woman to the sheet. She was then left with the cash in the sacristy, where the priest to worship prepared. Also, he was just speechless. On the envelope of the donor had recorded the statement that the sum of “Africa” was meant to be.