Two weeks after the commotion at the football award ceremony of the Ballon d’or has reported Ada hegerberg in detail. At the Handover at the beginning of December presenter and DJ Martin Solveig, the 23-Year-old, whether you “can twerk” –so deep in the squat and the Butt wiggle. Hegerberg, who became the first player in the award of the French magazine “France Football”, reacted in horror at the totally inappropriate as a sexist question, lost her Smile and turned away with a quick “no”. The incident sparked outrage, Solveig asked to be excused and stated that the question had been a joke.

Tobias Rabe

editor responsible for sports Online.

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Now Ada Hegerberg writes in a long post for the “The Players’ Tribune” about the scandal. The site was founded in 2014 as a platform to the athletes, their stories can tell. And that makes Hegerberg. She describes the evening of the award ceremony in Paris as “the greatest night of your whole life.” This will never forget you. And that had nothing to do with Dancing, but with respect. Hegerberg describes the Moment on stage: “Everything was perfect. I looked into the audience and saw so many great footballers. What an incredibly beautiful Moment,“ she writes. “I’ll leave him to me not from a stupid joke of a moderator to destroy. It (the joke) not destroyed the Moment in the Moment. And he destroyed him in my memory.“

“my phone exploded with messages”

Hegerberg describes later how she went to the ceremony with her family in Paris for dinner. “Because my phone exploded with messages to the comment of the moderator. I knew it (was gone on the Internet) viral.“ She got by his own admission, an incredible number of messages from other players. “Even Mario Balotelli wrote me a message, what was a great Surprise.” She closes her contribution with the words: “I’m sorry, I can’t twerk. But I can play a bit of football.“

But Ada Hegerberg has more to say in the long post on “The Players’ Tribune.” It describes the beginnings of their football career in a small town in Norway, with 7000 inhabitants, in the middle of Nowhere. She tells of her family, her mother, the trainer was, her older sister, who served as a role model, and captain of the team. Not the women’s team, but the mixed team. And she tells the anecdote, as their parents and comrades asked, what would you like to be later on. “You become a footballer, just like your big sister?” And the small Ada denied: “no, I’m going to do a real Job.”

From Norway, she moved in 2012, with just 17 years, according to Germany’s Turbine Potsdam. Hegerberg describes how hard the Start was. “We have trained three Times a day, in the sleet, in the snow, no matter. It was brutal. You have us pushed to the limit.“ Because the moments that no one would see it. In the meantime, it is one of the best Football players in the world and is in the case of Olympique Lyon, as well as the German national player Dzsenifer Maroszan, under a contract. She is thrilled by the cultural club this is football, where all players are on an equal support, no matter whether man or woman. “Should it not be everywhere?”

Thus also the prize-giving ceremony in Paris, liked her own words as well. There is no difference has been made. Roberto Carlos about was sitting in the hall right behind her and nudged her. “Ada, I’m it again.” Already in 2016, they had met at a Gala, and blindingly understood. At the end of the Brazilians to fit even on your trophy. And the winning image hegerberg with Luka Modric and Kylian Mbappé, which was awarded as the best player under 21 years of age and you raised:”Kylian said you had to improve your English, if you win next year, the big trophy.” All laughed. “What a Moment. Not because of the award, but because of the respect of all with each other. That was what I always wanted.“