World Cup Africa Qualifying Fixtures

World Cup Africa qualifying fixtures for matchday four on Sunday have been announced. Here are the fixtures for Sunday, listed in GMT time:

Group A:
– Djibouti vs Ethiopia in El Jadida, Morocco at 1600

Group B:
– Democratic Republic of Congo vs Togo in Kinshasa at 1600
– Mauritania vs Senegal in Nouakchott at 1600

Group H:
– Sao Tome e Principe vs Liberia in Oujda, Morocco at 1300
– Namibia vs Tunisia in Soweto, South Africa at 1600

On Monday, the fixtures are as follows:

Group A:
– Guinea-Bissau vs Egypt in Bissau at 1600

Group B:
– Burkina Faso vs Sierra Leone in Bamako, Mali at 1900

Group C:
– Benin vs Nigeria in Abidjan, Ivory Coast at 1600

Group G:
– Somalia vs Botswana in Maputo, Mozambique at 1300
– Uganda vs Algeria in Kampala at 1600
– Guinea vs Mozambique in El Jadida at 1900

Group H:
– Equatorial Guinea vs Malawi in Malabo at 1300

Group I:
– Madagascar vs Mali in Johannesburg, South Africa at 1300
– Ghana vs Central African Republic in Kumasi at 1900

On Tuesday, the fixtures are as follows:

Group B:
– South Sudan vs Sudan in Juba at 1300

Group C:
– South Africa vs Zimbabwe in Bloemfontein at 1600
– Lesotho vs Rwanda in Durban at 1600

Group D:
– Mauritius vs Eswatini in Saint-Pierre at 1300
– Cape Verde vs Libya in Praia at 1600
– Angola vs Cameroon in Luanda at 1900

Group E:
– Zambia vs Tanzania in Ndola at 1300

Group F:
– Congo Brazzaville vs Morocco in Brazzaville at 1600

Group I:
– Kenya vs Ivory Coast in Lilongwe, Malawi at 1300
– Gabon vs Gambia in Franceville, Gabon at 1900
– Seychelles vs Burundi in Berkane, Morocco at 1900
– Chad vs Comoros in Oujda at 1600

Please note that some teams will be hosting their home matches at neutral venues due to various reasons such as lack of international-standard venues, stadium renovations, or security issues.