Earlier, Belek, today Marbella. If the football League is in the Winter on short trips, then the Turkish Mediterranean coast is no longer the first choice. Because of the political unrest in the country, it attracts the German first League clubs to Spain and Portugal. The most popular destination in the Andalusian coastal town of Marbella. The same five clubs prepare to the Costa del Sol to the second round, six more also headquarters in Spain or Portugal.

Only three clubs, one of which, the have scheduled a training camp abroad, not to control the Iberian Peninsula and travel into the distance. FC Bayern Munich will fly to Doha in Qatar, Eintracht Frankfurt to Florida in the United States, and Werder Bremen is preparing in South Africa in the second championship series. Because of the relatively short preparation time until the back-round kick-off on 18. January, waive RB Leipzig, 1899 Hoffenheim, Bayer Leverkusen and Hertha BSC on a training camp abroad.

“If the preparation would be longer, we would obtain probably a training camp, but we have good training conditions and the Telekom Cup,” said Berlin Coach Pal Dardai the decision. Last Winter, eight Teams remained, due to the shorter preparation time, even in the home. Is headed to the big Spain tour group of autumn Champions, Borussia Dortmund. Because the competition time is the same in the South, there are, of course, test the games with each other.

Good experiences with Marbella also has promoted team Fortuna Düsseldorf. “We were very pleased with the conditions and the training sessions that we have completed,” said fortune’s Coach Friedhelm Funkel after last year’s stay in Andalusia, although the weather was not perfect. “The place has swallowed the rain, practically, that was incredible. The bad weather has made the grass. This shows that Marbella is a good location for a training camp“, was Twinkle, who with his Team a test match against BVB.

Before demanding test play Eintracht Frankfurt (FC Sao Paulo, Flamengo), Dortmund (Feyenoord Rotterdam) and RB Leipzig (Galatasaray Istanbul). At the Telekom Cup in Düsseldorf present themselves a week before the start, Bayern Munich, Borussia Mönchengladbach, Hertha Berlin and hosts the Fortuna game. Apart from Hannover 96, where, ever since the 28. December is trained, starting this Wednesday, the first Clubs in the preparation. In Mönchengladbach, Freiburg and Stuttgart, the performance diagnosis is first on the program, and Bremen will travel to South Africa.