If it is not running in football, then Manager, and the President’s promise of a Golden future. So it looks at the moment at Real Madrid. Such a disappointing course of the championship, the Fans have not witnessed since two decades. There’s a 3:0 came the Team of coach Santiago Solari last Wednesday’s victory over the relegation-threatened Madrid club CD Leganés, a Suburb in the Cup just right. Solari was the best player on the bench. A lot of hope to put the trailer in the meantime on the extremely agile and only 18 years old young star, Vinícius Júnior. The presence of people have written off the Fans.

It is a very bad season: After 18 match days, the club is still in the Champions League and in the Cup, is in the League but on the fifth place, ten points behind leaders FC Barcelona. As a particularly painful decision-makers need to perceive mainly the goal tally. Only 26 goals made by the Team this season, less it were, as recently as 1990. The team has not coped with the change of Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus in the summer, because the players should compensate for the collective, this spectacular finish, since the beginning of the season tired and exhausted.

For years, Ramos, Marcelo, Casemiro, Modric and Kroos to the guarantors of success, were to have won three Times in a row, the Champions League, the Spanish champion, grabbed the super Cup, triumphed in the club world Cup and were also with their national teams successful. However, many competitions also mean increasingly less time for Regeneration. In the world Cup 2018, this important Phase is remained as good as the whole.

The result of numerous injuries. “El País”, according to 13 players since August due to muscle problems down. The full-backs Carvajal and Marcelo are missing from time to time, in particular, Marcelo has been able to ride since September, still no four games in succession. He is fit, can be offensive to Brazilians with the best ball handling in the whole squad for the match winner. However, this season he loses his attacking runs often the Ball. Thus, Toni Kroos device in the midfield on the same side under pressure, and goals and whistles. Not to replace the defensive specialist Casemiro to Kroos’ side.

the lack of Balance in the Team has complained to the German world champion last to the public. He was not a Casemiro, he warned in October. Since his Transfer from Bayern in the summer of 2014, he plays in Madrid clearly defensive as usual. That he can put in this role of a few accents to the front, is understandable. Nevertheless, he was most recently in the criticism to come because of him little pulses. But Luka Modric looks on the right side, unusually pale. “Many of us are not in the best of shape,” said the “world footballer” in the year 2018 after the 0:2 home defeat against San Sebastian last weekend.