Football in Austria – A common enemy – a League is split to the point deduction against the leaders of the Linzer ASK the displeasure in the case of the other Austrian Clubs is large. The championship could be decided at the green table.Felix Haselsteiner0 comment Eder Austrian League leaders LASK has carried out during the Corona break the forbidden team training.Keystone

are Normal in the Austrian football currently, not even the moments of joy. The team of the Cup winners Red Bull Salzburg, about celebrated on Friday evening for their 5:0 victory in the Final of the ÖFB Cup against second division side Austria Lustenau on a designed Plane with markings, which should guarantee the minimum distance.

With arms outstretched, the Salzburg of your cookies cheered, waved to the not existing spectators, it was a at least needs getting used to the image. After all, for a common photo, it was enough at the end, but also here in Austria virologically prescribed commandment of the hour was to go At a distance.

The Austrian Bundesliga is currently experiencing perhaps the open test Phase of its existence, but that’s due less to the restrictions and anti-Virus, but rather the judgment against the Linzer ASK from the Thursday, this makes for some excitement.

“Six points are not fish, not meat. The LASK has broken laws.”

Michael Liendl, Captain of the wolf Berger AC

The Linz, were sentenced to illegal during the Corona-Pause, had carried out a four-team training in full occupation, in the first instance to six points deduction and a fine of 75’000 euros. The expectations of the rest of the League was a other: Of a severe punishment, as it was discussed in advance, is the judgment but a whole piece.

The displeasure of the Bundesliga clubs, Michael Liendl, Captain of the wolf Berger AC, brought the best to the point. “Six points are not fish, not meat. The LASK has broken laws. I’m of the opinion that such an Offense would have a higher need to be punished,” he said of the “Small newspaper”. In contrast, the defiant, and too little one-sighted LASK, has lost by the judgment of his table guide to Salzburg, and, therefore, immediately announced to appeal is.

A championship decision at the green table

seems to be possible Now a run begins, therefore, by the instances, which could-in the Austrian League for a lot of confusion. The Linz can now call within 14 days of a protest Committee, whose verdict is expected to take determination well up to two weeks. After that, the LASK had the opportunity to pull within four weeks prior to a Permanent neutral court of arbitration, which would then, in turn, one to two weeks to make a final judgment.

in addition, however, will be still played football: The season will resume next Tuesday, and to at the 2. July ended – whether a verdict and the point deduction is counted is firmly in place, is questionable.

A championship decision at the green table seems possible and even quite likely, and since it is behind Salzburg (24 points) and Linz (21) just worry the Austrians now is whether the international courts for the upcoming season can fair be played. Uefa remains the 3. August as the last date of Reporting for the members of the associations. There should be no judgment against the LASK, would be the Association of the decision on international courts during the Austrian football.

The credit

The LASK playful anyway, due to his stubbornness and the continued accusations to the rest of the League, to have counter-measures is in breach of, any credit as an emerging Association playful. But the entire Austrian football is shown just before the League restarted from its most unpleasant side.

The high-class sporting competition between Salzburg, Linz and Vienna, which had in the past few years, the development of the League has been good, has long been a debate off of the square, in the old pattern re-emerged: The Nouveau riche, spoiled by success in Salzburg to meet the tradition of clubs from Vienna – and the upstarts from Linz, who allowed their ambition to the Illegal goings-on, both sides a common enemy.

That is, a mastery decision could only fall far to the League at the end of the green table, therefore, is only a point of view is desirable: The minimum distance during the celebrations could also be observed without tarpaulin easily.

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