Neil Warnock spoke up in a Rage. “To hell with the Rest of the world,” scolded the coach of newly promoted Cardiff City Recently, as he was raised on the Brexit. “I can’t get wait, to be honest, (from the European Union). I think we are outside of the manure, however, significantly better off, in every respect, in football anyway.“ A statement of the reasons for its opinion of the 70-Year-old guilty.

As the Brexit advocates is the British Warnock in the Premier League rather than the exception. Because about two months prior to the planned EU exit of great Britain on the 29. March in England’s Premier soccer League, the concern is that after the Brexit will be harder to commit to players from European countries – especially when the London and Brussels to agree on a deal. This would also apply to Cardiff. For the Cardiff players from the EU countries, Ireland, Denmark, Iceland, France and Spain soon, the same rules could apply as in the past, the professionals from countries outside the European Union.

Currently, every football player from EU can play-Land full for any Premier League club. For the obligation of players originating from countries outside the EU, on the other hand, strict conditions. For a work permit the player needs the consent of the national football Association, FA. A prerequisite for this work permit is that the professional is simply put – a well-established national players. The FA is orientated with respect to the operating times at the Fifa ranking of the national teams. By a professional in Venezuela, currently ranked 31, requires more operations as a player in Brazil, which is third in the Fifa world rankings. That such rules could apply in the future for all non-British professionals, in the League for uncertainty and restlessness.