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All ready for the launch of the mission Mars 2020 , the most ambitious project of the NASA Mars . Aboard a rocket Atlas 541, that will take off if everything goes according to plan the 13.50 uk time , travel Perseverance , a rover the size of a small car with a similar appearance to its predecessor, Curiosity, active in the red planet since 2012. The new rover is equipped with seven scientific instruments of high-level attempt to search for the remains of past life on the red planet, now turned into a desert inferno.

After takeoff from Cape Canaveral , Mars 2020 will travel seven months to get to Mars, landing the February 18, 2021 from the crater Jezero , an ancient lake is now a crater 45 km in diameter where it is expected to find traces of possible past life in the deposits and sediments of the complex and arid surface of our neighboring planet.


the countdown for the mission that you can find life in MarteOcho things you need to know about Perseverance, the rover will search for life in MarteTodo what you need to know about Ingenuity, the helicopter of the NASA that will fly in MarteCinco things that we will learn in 2020 to be able to live on Mars


12.40 Spanish Technology to bordoA aboard Perseverance traveling Spanish technology. The most important contribution is MEDA (Mars Environmental Dynamics Analyzer), a sophisticated weather station developed mainly by the National Institute of Aerospace technology (INTA) and the Center of Astrobiology (CAB). The instrument is ready for characterize the atmosphere and the dust martians during the whole mission, something important not just to do science but also to prepare for future human missions to the planet rojo12.37Ingenuity, the helicopter marcianoPerseverance even saves another “secret” in its interior coupled to your belly: the helicopter Ingenuity. With a weight of only 1.8 kilos, is a technology demonstration, a project that seeks to prove that flight is possible on other planets. Features a four-bladed carbon fiber arranged in two rotors that rotate in opposite directions to around 2400 rpm, much faster than a helicopter passenger in the Land. It also has solar cells innovative, batteries and other components novel that will attempt to make history on the martian surface. Although it does not carry scientific instruments on board, is an experiment that will open the door to future drones that sobrevolarán Mars in future missions.12.36 A long viajeTras release today, Mars 2020 will wait seven months to reach the martian surface, which will, if all goes according to calculations, the next February 18, 2021. A feat with a budget of 2,700 million dollars (2,300 million euros).

12.33 Search for past life on MarteEl main goal of Mars 2020 is to find remnants of past life on the red planet. To do this, you will have seven instruments aboard the rover Perseverance, with the most advanced technology to date. 12: 30 The Space Launch Complex 41 of the Air Force Station of Cape Canaveral, the Atlas V rocket, which carries in its interior the Mars 2020 rover, Perseverance, the successor to the successful Curiosity.12.27 A mission históricaMars 2020 will take off from Cape Canaveral to the 13.50 Spanish time if everything goes according to plan. For the moment, there is a probability of 80% of favourable conditions. Expect sunny skies, with only a small concern through the layer of clouds over the skies of Florida. 12.24 live: launch of the mission Mars 2020Bienvenidos the live the launch Mars 2020 NASA, a mission that aims to find traces of past life on the red planet. Get comfortable in your seat to attend a historic day for space exploration!

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