The South Korean company, Samsung, launched Friday, are the foldable smartphones, Galaxy Fold, in the country of origin. The launch was originally in april, was planned, but at the last moment to be postponed after problems cropped up with the screens of a number of test tools.

Samsung has released the phone for the past couple of months, from scratch to re-design. The device is compatible with the 5G. The samsung Galaxy Fold will take place on Friday, launched in South Korea. After that there are countries, such as Germany, France, italy, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the United States of america.

The foldable device, with a price tag of around € 2,000, must be the “flagship” of Samsung. The launch had to be postponed, it was a tough blow for a company that prides itself on its excellence and innovation.

Three years ago, it was Samsung already have dual-core processor and a 7, shortly after the launch of the market, because of the battery pack in a fire and could fly. Also, rival Huawei is working on a foldable phone. Also, the launch of which was delayed. Instead, in June, would Ascend to the “Level X” also, this month’s launch.

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