Camellia season is ending to make way for spring flowers. Among the most popular are the tulip, the peony, the magnolia or even the lilac. However, if you don’t have a particularly green thumb, their flowering can become very complicated. Discover in our slideshow below the tips for growing your seasonal flowers faster.

If the choice of flowers is wide in the spring, their market has nevertheless suffered the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic. Indeed, in 2017, 1 billion euros was generated by their marketing. But many of these flowers are not produced on French territory. The La finance pour tous site has carried out a study showing that a large part of this turnover is achieved through imports. Check out our slideshow below to speed up the growth of these flowers.

85% of cut flowers come from foreign countries. Among them are Colombia, Kenya, Ethiopia, and more recently China. Moreover, most of these flowers do not arrive directly in France. Indeed, the latter would pass through the Netherlands. Indeed, the stock exchange of Aalsmeer, in the Netherlands, corresponds to the first place of sale of these flowers. As with an auction, they are sold by lot to the highest and fastest bidder.

Faced with this massive importation into the horticultural market, the Ministry of Agriculture and professional associations are trying to encourage the French to buy local. They then created the label “fleurs de France” to be informed that 50% of the bouquet comes from French production. Moreover, communication campaigns have been launched to support the need to favor a short circuit. There are also farms where it is possible to harvest your own flowers for the season.

Check out our slideshow below for Archzine’s tips that will help you grow your freshly cut flowers faster.