Florian De Prato presents the Top Eleven of his career so far. In addition to the two brothers, among other companions from his time at VfR Garching are.

Munich-Haidhausen – We have Florian De Prato of the SpVgg Haidhausen asked who the best players are, with whom he has ever played. The 33-Year-old to, among other things, two of his brothers.


Sandro Volz, FC Deisenhofen

A class goalkeeper, and especially someone with a strong presence and is absolutely crazy in the positive sense. If necessary, you can put Sandro into the box, and he plays down too. Thus an Option more. He makes in the cabin, for the necessary mood.

+ Florian De Prato Top-Eleven.


Benjamin (Benji) Niebauer, VfR Garching

Large, high game intelligence, good game, absolutely solid. He would lead my team out onto the field, because he is on and off the pitch, an absolutely loyal and good guy. After your workout, the beer is not too short.

Julian Maurer, and others, FC Ismaning

An absolute top man. Has played in the youth in the midfield, and it was always reliable. Through his profession (a doctor) we would be attended to properly.

Thomas De Prato, SpVgg Haidhausen

Tommy is an incredible run of miracles and is always with 100 percent of the work. It is too bad for no work and has for years, its the front people unconditionally the back. Alone because of its kind in the cabin, it is a win-win for each Team.


Alexander book, including FC Ismaning

Highly variable, and two strong feet. Very intelligent football player with a fine technique. In the night, he would be well-connected and, therefore, this is also backed up.

Dennis Niebauer, VfR Garching

He brings everything. Incredible head to the ball game, mega smart, very strong runners, and a superb Quote in front of the box. A player that makes definitely the difference. In addition to the place a pleasant fellow, with the celebration is very amusing.

Markus de Prato, TSV Grasbrunn-Neukeferloh

He was and is born to be a 10, only maybe 20-30 years too late. He has such a precise and strong left foot, something I’ve seen only very, very rarely. Unfortunately, he was too lazy. I would choose the loved one all my brothers are in the Top 11, everyone has, without a doubt, its qualities, to kick in this outfit with.

Aleksandro Petrovic, TSV Buchbach

Ali still in his class, and the impressive. One of the smartest and most dangerous player. We once started out as small guys in public utilities and were already a strong bunch. All the better that I was able to fight again in Bavaria, the second-highest League with him to points, and these six points are also stayed with us.


Bernhard “Berni” Riedl, ASV Glonn

A clipper before the Lord. When he comes in front of the gate, then the hut is on fire. He will not hesitate in the penalty area and at the Bar anyway. His spells are so legendary that should not be missing in any case.

Daniel Jungwirth, including FC Ingolstadt

One of the finest technicians I’ve ever played. Maybe not the absolute clippers. But to play his kind of football he would inspire me and the audience, and thus I would have a full house. All kidding aside, Dani has really what.

Copado Francisco, and others SpVgg Unterhaching

About Paco, you don’t need to say much. A superior striker. A free spirit and crafty. Incredible expertise and a mega character. The would find in my team will always have a place. I like players that just do with him what comes out is still there.