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Florentino Perez , president of Real Madrid, had a remembrance for those who died as a result of the pandemic of coronavirus and those that have lived through moments of difficulty, following the achievement from the 34th League of the history of the club, which said that, due to those circumstances, “will go down in history” of a “special” way.

“The confinement has been very important to them. Have been trained well and have had the mentality to come back with the desire to win this title and has been since the first day. Sometimes we have played every three days, or less, and had a force and an energy that we have all been able to see. Will the history of Real Madrid as a League,” he told the microphones of Movistar +.

“we’re very happy, both the players and the coaching staff and all the fans.

we Want to remember those who have suffered, who have gone wrong and that have not been able to be with us , our memories more special,” he said.

Florentino highlighted the work of some players, but stayed with the whole as the architect of the success to take the title: “Huge all the players today, especially Karim, the doorman, who was very good, Sergio is the captain and something more? all have formed a pineapple that has been seen today and in all the matches. is The coach will put the batteries, that is the great architect of this League, and we are happy , ” he said.

“The other day I had a tweet that said that Zidane has won a title every 19 games, what can you say of him?.

Is a blessing from the sky , as I have already said in Jeddah, may it be with us a long time and they criticize those who want to; we will continue winning titles,” he said.

The president of Real Madrid responded to the message released by the captain Sergio Ramos, nothing more to earn the title of LaLiga Santander in the which assured that he wanted to finish his career in the white set.

“That’s for sure, going to be here all life . Not because it is a talk that will change the history of Madrid and Sergio Ramos. Peace of mind. He has been more than a captain, has carried the team with leadership that is huge, he has occupied a very important place in this”, she added.

as no one wanted to get wet was in respect to the criticism of his counterpart for FC Barcelona, who said that the system of videoarbitraje (VAR) always favoured the same, in reference to Madrid.

This question you have to do to Emilio Butragueño who already knows that he is very aggressive in these things (laughs)”, said a relaxed Florentine journalist Monica Dealer.