Florent Pagny with cancer: “It’s much better” according to Patrick Bruel


Florent Pagny has been fighting lung cancer for several months, as he announced in a video posted on social networks on January 25, 2022. But the latest news relayed by the singer himself and his relatives are reassuring. This is also the case for Patrick Bruel, who spoke about the health of his friend this Friday August 26 at the microphone of RTL.

“The latest news, I think it’s going much better. I think things are going their way but rather in the right direction,” said the artist, who came to present an excerpt from his next album, Again (at to be published on November 18, 2022). “We are all very happy, very impatient to find him in great shape”, continued Patrick Bruel.

The latter also returned to the courage of Florent Pagny and his links with his fans. “The way he had to talk about it resembles him, it was very strong. I think he was extremely touched by the dose of love he received and that he did not suspect”, commented the interpreter of Casser la voix.

On August 14, Florent Pagny himself posted a photo on Instagram, showing him on a boat in the Aegean Sea, staring at the horizon. “Everything is going very well! I’m getting back in color,” wrote the French star in the caption. Many fans as well as personalities like Nikos Aliagas, Carla Bruni, M Pokora or Amel Bent had reacted to this publication, giving their full support to the singer.

“The protocol worked rather well since from the first two chemo-immunotherapies, my tumor which was as big as a kiwi turned into a nut, so right away we started heavy with radiotherapy and more intensive chemo” , explained Florent Pagny in a video broadcast on May 10 on social networks.

The emblematic coach of The Voice has decided to take some distance to treat himself, and come back stronger next year to finally carry out his anniversary tour. “I’m going to finish the chemo, then I’ll go strengthen myself, fill me up, and then if all goes well, we’ll meet again next year to finish what I started,” he promised.