Florent Pagny: who are his two children Inca and Aël?


The year 2022 has not been easy for Florent Pagny. On January 25, the interpreter of Knowing how to love announced that he had inoperable lung cancer via a video shared on his Instagram account. “I have to go into a six-month protocol of chemotherapy and radiation,” he said. A few days after this video, the artist brought more precision to the TF1 television news set.

“It’s something I’ve had for 3 to 6 months, I only have one tumor, no metastasis. It’s true that we can’t operate, because the tumor is dividing very quickly, but today there are real, very good treatments”, he explained and continued: “I only take the good side of things”.

The months that followed this announcement, the singer gave his news, saying he felt better. Despite this, Florent Pagny had to decline Nagui’s invitation to participate in his show Taratata which was dedicated to the fight against cancer.

“I would have liked to be with you for an evening like this to support and mobilize against cancer. Especially since I am largely concerned now. Precisely, I am so concerned that I am in a fitness phase” , he had declared at first and to continue: “If all goes well, next year we will finally meet together to sing and seek individual donations which allow the development of research. And it is starting to bear fruit. its fruits since, as you can see, I feel better and better”.

The artist is resting with his wife, Azucena Caamaño and their two children: Aël, 23, and Inca Pagny, 26. They are also very active on social networks. Planet invites you to discover them in our slideshow.