Flight is the shortest in the Video So awkward the Swiss flew from dubendorf to Kloten
Flight is the shortest in the Video So awkward the Swiss flew from dubendorf to Kloten

Flight is the shortest in the Video is So awkward the Swiss from dübendorf to Kloten, Swiss and Edelweiss flew got 19 parked aircraft. The flight radar displays, which detours took the machines.0 comment flight from a military airfield Dübendorf to Zurich airport. On the Video of the Swiss of the Untersee, with the island of Reichenau, after the Airbus A320 flies Schaffhausen, the Canton and the lands of the North on runway 14.Video: Swiss/Twitter

Since Monday, Swiss and Edelweiss have flown a total of 17 aircraft from its temporary Parking place in dübendorf back to the Zurich airport. The largest fleet shift action within the Canton actually began the week before, as the Edelweiss 2 of your on the military airfield parked Airbus took the A320 back in operation – one of them was yesterday already in commercial use, and brought tourists to Cyprus.

This week was followed by 3 more Edelweiss Airbus, as well as 14 Airbus A320 and A321 of Swiss, which were almost parked three months in dübendorf. The Airline has one of the first flights filmed on Monday morning, and the Video of which is now published on Twitter (see Video above). The Route led in 18 minutes of Dübendorf, almost to the island of Reichenau and from there to the West through Schaffhausen to the North approach to the airport of Zurich.

The filmed flight from dübendorf to Kloten on the submarine and the Canton of Schaffhausen to the North approach to the airport of Zurich.Flightradar24Die flight information from Flightradar24 show how fast and how high the machine was on the approximately 18-minute flight on the go. The time is specified in coordinated universal time UTC, 8 PM in UTC corresponds to 10 PM Central European summer time.1 / 2

While all of the 19 transfer flights from dübendorf to Kloten ended, ultimately, with the daytime the usual approach from the North, was the way to get there vary considerably. Must be started in dübendorf to the East, thus, it is clear that it is needed for the approximately 11 km air-line distance between the slopes, a degree of arc, so that the Zurich airport from the North-West can be flown – approximately 70 kilometres long, is one of the shortest flown routes.

On the flight tracks of the provider Flightradar24 to see the most common is the Route via Winterthur and the Rafzerfeld, in addition, larger loops via Schaffhausen or more times, the southern route via Zurich and the Limmattal were flown.

An Airbus A320 of Edelweiss around and chose a larger loop above the lake of Zurich, the lake hallwil and around Aarau. And an Airbus A321 signed with the flight track is almost an infinity sign on the map: After the Start, the machine turned to the South, flew to the Greifensee and then on to the Zurich airport, this shortly after a 180-degree turn from the North approach.

The other routes: The first was flown Airbus A320 (HB-IJD), the Swiss has flown over the lake of Zurich and the Canton Aargau visited. Flightradar24Ob the Pilot of this A320 (HB-IJE) tried to fly around the Canton of Thurgau? It didn’t work out.Flightradar24 And also the Edelweiss-Airbus with the Registration HB-JJM glanced at the return action of the city of Winterthur – according to Flightradar24, at an altitude of around 1500 meters above the ground.Flightradar24 1 / 18

Around 20 minutes, such a transfer flight took an average, the shortest is listed on Flightradar24 with 16 minutes, the longest of which lasted 22 minutes. So that remain of the once 23 on the military airfield in the village of parked aircraft düben 4 machines in the Helvetic.

This had 1. March 8 of its 11 Embraer E190 on behalf of the Swiss companies. How many of these “Wetlease”aircraft will now continue to run for the Swiss flights is unclear. The Swiss Airline has parked at the end of March a part of the fleet in Basel and Bern, since then, only a brand-new Embraer 190-E2, stand occasionally in use.

From the 20. March were parked in the Corona-Lockdown machine in dübendorf. At the military airfield of 14 Airbus of Swiss, 5 the Edelweiss and 4 Embraer Helvetic were last updated. All 19 Airbus aircraft have now been flown back to the Zurich airport.Photo: Heinz Diener

The Swiss has after the shift action is now and again 37 of 91 aircraft in operation in July, it should be according to the media, then around 60. The Airline based in Kloten departs your flight program are now staggered and will offer to fall back to 85 the once over 100 destinations. However, these are less common than in the past flying.

Until on-the-Corona-normality prevails, it is according to Swiss-CEO Thomas Klühr for a long time: “The construction will take place progressively and two to three years,” he said at the presentation of the quarterly figures in early June.

On Monday, the Swiss has Zurich the first of the parked 14 aircraft at the military airfield village to Zürich transferred.Photo: Keystone-SDA


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