What a flight from Mallorca to Vienna – an Airbus belonging to the Austrian Lufthansa subsidiary Australian Airlines (AUA) encountered severe turbulence on Sunday. A heavy hailstorm set in and the pilot ultimately had to land blind. The accident was just barely averted. All passengers were uninjured.

All passengers and crew of the Airbus A320 plane flying from Mallorca to Vienna took a deep breath after landing in Vienna.

A heavy hailstorm caused the entire nose of the plane to break off. At first there were no signs of an unusual or even dangerous flight.

But then “we flew through a storm front,” an Austrian passenger told the “Kronen” newspaper. The Australian Airline subsequently explained that this storm cell was not visible on the radar.

Just a few moments later, the pilot announced that the windshield had shattered. The pilot was still able to bring the plane safely to the ground.

It was only when they got off that the passengers saw the extent of the damage. The entire front section of the plane was broken.