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The gravity of the situation in the olive oil sector led yesterday to the minister of Agriculture, Luis Planas , to start a week show in which you will meet with producers, industry and distribution. This Monday it was the turn of the agricultural organizations Asaja, COAG, UPA and co-Operatives agri-Food , who presented a package of measures to save the olive grove. Among the proposals brought to the table: advancing the fulfillment of the Law of the Food Chain, the implementation of mechanisms of regulation of the offer; as well as continue with the promotion of national and attempt to “recover,” markets such as the US, to increase the area of olive green or the support of cooperatives. In addition to giving a boost to the transposition of the unfair commercial practices Directive.

From Asaja deplored the fact that the storage – they have removed some 200,000 tons of the market – has not had the desired result and underlined the commitment of the minister of combat to maintain the current budget of the CAP (383.500 million euros) for 2021-2027.

Campaign of inspections

Christopher Cano, secretary general of UPA Jaén, said that in the seven months leading campaign production has dropped by 37.6%, while the marketing has gone up 4%; while the price in origin has fallen 13% and more than 40% from 2017. “We have two and a half years with prices below costs of production” , says the responsible of this agrarian organization who demands a “fair sharing” of the margins within the value chain. Cano has also emphasized the “strong commitment of the Government to discriminate positively to the traditional olive grove” in the next CAP (2021-2027).

In this sense, it has been denounced that in this situation we are importing up to 150,000 tons olive oil from other countries such as Morocco and shown their fear that the difficult situation of the sector resulting in “a social crisis” and did not rule out the olivareros, once past the emergency health, re-mobilized for their future.

A situation, which ensures Cano, required to comply with the Law of the Chain, so it has been proposed that the Information Agency and Control Food (AICA) make inspections in the packaging. Something that the Ministry would be already working.