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If the walls of the Corral de la Morería speak, how many stories could tell us. We would talk in the evenings endless Ava Gardner , the beginning of the romance between the Shah of Persia, Reza Pahlavi , with Farah Diba , or the tie that White’s King gave Mick Jagger the eve of one of their concerts in madrid, and that he wore that day on the stage. Or the night in which Salvador Dali attempted to enter there with his panther, or visit secret of the Che Guevara , or the night in which John Lennon wanted to learn some chords flamingos in the basement of the tablao. But it would be also the spell that produced in the audience, the farruca of Antonio Gades ; and the walls of another local, Torres Bermejas , we would say that they were witnesses of the romance art of two geniuses of flamenco, camaron de la Isla and Paco de Lucia .

And that is the Corral of the Morería and Torres Bermejas, as the rest of the Spanish flamenco Spanish, they are like temples flamingos one of the pillars of the Spanish culture of our days. Also one of the major tourist attractions of our cities –especially Madrid, where lies one-fifth of those in Spain–. But they are not –or not so are some, at least– a mere claim to “touristy”, although White King (artistic director of the Corral de la Morería) does not despise your facet desk. “Spain lives on tourism, not what we can ignore. We depend on it. And we all apuntalamos each other”.

Ronald Reagan, dancing with Lucero Tena – ABC

“tablaos” –says Juan Manuel del Rey , responsible for the own Corral, and president of the Association of Flamenco clubs of Madrid– we are the ones who most suffer with the situation is created from the Covid-19 , because 90 percent of our clients come from outside Spain;the troubles that plague the theaters and the restaurants, and we also we suffer, we add the impossibility that aliens entering Spain –and in our case especially the americans–”.

general Interest

The claims in Madrid of this sector before the city Council and the Community have resulted in the declaration by the Consistory of the tablaos in madrid such as places of special significance, civic and general interest to the city of Madrid. It has been made unanimously in the Plenary of the city Council, while the Assembly of Madrid was approved, with identical unanimity, a proposal not of law presented by the PSOE to declare the sector of the ” tablaos flamencos “Sector of Special Interest for the Community of Madrid”. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Culture has set of profile , and currently has not included in his plan of aid to the cultural sector.

Ava Gardner, with Cudgel and Lucero Tena – ABC

tablaos flamencos , as it is exposed in the memory of the statement presented by the Culture Area of Madrid city Council, representing 14.6% of the national GDP , in addition to being the sustenance of the 95 percent of the flemish artists. According to the Association of Flamenco clubs of Madrid, these establishments “attract Madrid to more than a million visitors a year and, taking into account that, according to the tourist expenditure survey Egatur, the average expenditure of each tourist in 2019 was are 1,368 euros, the economic movement generated by these facilities far exceeds the one billion euros”.

But what is it that translates the declaration of the general good on the part of the Municipality of the capital? “We are confident that will translate into aid –says Juan Manuel of the King;we have already been included in the Plan Applauds, which allows us to cover 70 percent of the cost of the rental between march and September.”

The association expects in the next few days hold a meeting with the leaders of the city that will lead to your first goal: the permissions for open terraces . According to John Manuel of the King, “we are essential to survive.” They are not the solution, they are a patch, you know. “But they are a patch that we save life . Would be like a spare wheel that will allow us to continue our way”. And is that the tablaos have the heart in their small stages, but their food is their hospitality. “If of time on these terraces, we can only function as a establishment, we will do so; may enable us to offer also shows, because it is our reason for being,” says The King.

beyond the economic aspect, is however the cultural aspect, and the differential of the Spanish flamenco . “In all the cities you can find theaters, opera, dance performances, museums… But no one can offer, and we do, flamenco the 365 days of the year. “The flamenco transcends the economic figures –continues the above-mentioned memory. From the November 16, 2010, is officially a universal art . Unesco included one day this manifestation of Spanish culture on the representative list of Intangible cultural Heritage of Humanity;recognises the cultural values of this genre and put it in the international spotlight. And the world capital of flamenco is Madrid”. Surely, Ava Gardner would provide for that.