Blankenberge –

In the Haelenstraat hotel was the morning of the fire in the basement of an apartment building. Five people had to be evacuated. Their apartments were temporarily uninhabitable explained.

The fire was in the morning around 6: 30 and pointed out in the apartment building, near the Market has to offer. This was coupled with an intense development of smoke. The entire building filled up quickly with thick smoke. The residents were not along the stairs that lead to the outside.

“Four people, including a mother and her children – was a ladder down,” says Philip Denoyette, the spokesman of the police zone, Blankenberge, belgium/Zuienkerke. “The woman who lived on the top floor, with the ladder truck from the fire department down there to help.”

The fire service was the fire, which is in the shared basement, which was straight away to the body. She’s got the fire and is relatively fast, and in control. The exact cause of the fire is yet to be proven. All of that is likely to be a short circuit in an electrical device. The public prosecutor’s office stated in a branddeskundige to make it in detail and check out.

of The five evacuated residents were taken to the hospital. Not one of them received burns, but as the emergency services wanted to verify that they do not want to smoke were from the united states. Among them were a mother and her two children. Due to the heavy smoke, were in their apartment temporarily uninhabitable. They were also on the lookout for another provisional institution.